Free Apps generally receive more downloads more than paid Apps. Lead by this, free Apps always make it easier to gain loads of more users. This is especially important for social network-based Apps, but beyond this, simply having plenty of users for any App out there is always a good thing! This however can be hard to implement in a business App and one needs to ensure they have the technical resources to ensure it is done correctly. But what if a developer has the right amount of time, resources and people?

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Many people want to monetize an existing free app, and with ease this can be done. One of the easiest ways is to use in-app ads to monetize the free App. However, with this approach it can be quite costly to have these ads appear in the App. So how then can one get paid to monetize their App?

There are many ways to make money with free apps. They range from AdSense to affiliate marketing to displaying ads on other peoples websites. With so many approaches though, not all of them are as effective as others. Some paid apps like Google Maps are quite successful and popular. So people tend to find their way to paid apps when looking for quick and easy solutions. This however makes it difficult for the App to maintain its popularity, which can ultimately kill the idea.

Another approach for paid apps to monetize is by getting reviews on the app from various sources. This may come in the form of paid reviews, free reviews or both. With great reviews people will likely go to the link and download the free app, which boosts its popularity. On the flip side, bad reviews will drive people away. So either way, this can make or break a free app.

Another approach for making money with an app that goes along the lines of a paid app is by getting ads on it. Google has recently announced that they will be adding ads to the user bases of their Android devices. So this will only further increase the chances of an app making more money for its developers. To do this though, the app developer will have to hire a professional company that specializes in this field. The developer will have to pay a fee to this company to place the ads.

A third option for monetization model involves promoting other people’s products. This can also be achieved by having an exclusive free version of the app, with the ability to add on to it later on. By doing this, the market for the free version will be further promoted. It may also be possible to set up an exclusive networking site where the users can share their thoughts about the app with their friends.

The freemium model is often used to promote apps that are in early stages of development. This kind of marketing strategy will work well for apps that have not yet been released to the user base. For example, if an app developer is creating a social networking app based on real-world occasions, then this will not require a huge amount of marketing budget. As the app grows in popularity, then this social networking app will have to be monetized in some way.

If you are looking for ways of monetizing your free app, you have three main options. You can use a freemium model, go for a paid app or use a combination of both. It’s important that you choose the right one for your needs, as not all marketing strategies will work equally well with every type of app. A combination of freemium model and a paid app is generally the best choice for an increasing number of apps. When you are ready to start monetizing your free app, make sure you understand how to use all of these strategies effectively.