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Whether you need to keep track of lists or random thoughts, you can use a free app for this purpose. Evernote lets you create plain-text notes, format them using its gallery of templates, or record voice memos. All your notes are searchable. A Reddit user named Colgate_and_OJ suggested the app. You can use it to make lists, create sketches, and scan handwritten notes, and more. The best part? You can use it on your computer, too.

Free apps that do not contain ads are great for developing a fan base, but without an incentive for users to spend money, they are likely to go unpurchased. There are many ways to monetize a free app, such as in-app purchases and paid installs. Luckily, hybrid monetization models are now becoming more common. By combining these two methods, you can create a free app that still generates money, and even make money without ads.

The free version of Nova includes numerous customization options, such as icon packs, scrollable docks, and infinite scrolling. The Nova team never sits still, and they continue to add new features. In addition to Sesame Shortcuts and animations, the app has gesture controls, infinite scrolling, and even customizable icon shapes. Nova also supports recent Android versions. The premium version even has a feature that lets you change the size of the text on your home screen, while the free app simply displays a smaller version.

The free app Apple News is another popular one. It focuses on podcasts, and has many great podcasts. It lacks some of the best-known podcasts, but you can find lots of free news articles from a variety of sources. Depending on your interests, you can easily filter the stories by category, and search for specific stories or categories. Luckily, Samsung does not have this option yet, but you can download it from the official website.

While it may seem easy to download free apps, they’re not always safe. Some free apps contain malware or spyware, or act as Trojan horses to download other free apps onto your device. Trojan horses even install hidden software on your device. You can avoid this type of infection by following some basic precautions. When downloading an app, remember to read the user’s reviews and be sure to follow any directions carefully. This way, you’ll avoid accidentally installing something malicious.

Another free app is Letterboxd. It’s like a cinefile’s diary and social network. You can find movie reviews, follow friends, look up cast and crew data, and create shareable lists of your favorite flicks. A free version is available, but the premium version has fewer restrictions. It also prioritizes customer support. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re an avid film fan. It’s one of the best free apps available.

Pigment is another free app for coloring in. It’s a safe digital alternative to real-life pencils and paper, and features reminiscent of the desktop version. Unlike tap-to-fill pretenders, Pigment has a range of tools to help you stay within the lines. It has in-app purchases (IAPs) that unlock additional illustrations. If you’re looking for a fun, educational app for your iPhone or Android device, Pigment may be for you.

Todoist is an excellent choice for tracking your daily tasks. It allows you to set due dates and automatically organises tasks by date. You can even create projects and subtasks. And you can assign a “Medfriend” to receive notifications about missed medications. Then, all you need to do is click on a button to add the tasks and follow through. You’ll be reminded of them whenever you need them. There’s no better time to track your health and productivity than the present.

Another free app worth checking out is Samsung Free. It’s preinstalled on Galaxy smartphones with One UI 3 or higher. It replaces the old Samsung Daily app and works similar to Google’s Discover service. The app contains news feeds, podcasts, live TV, games, and more. The app is packed with entertainment, but some people experience issues with it. If you’d like to experience Samsung’s media suite, download the free app today.