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A free app called Charity Miles can help you keep track of your miles and donate them to charities. It has more than 50 charities that you can support, including the Alzheimer’s Association, Susan G. Komen breast cancer organization, and Michael J. Fox Foundation for research into Parkinson’s disease. You can also receive pledges from friends. To make it easier for you to quit, this app shows you how much you’ll save in the long run.

But you should be careful when downloading free apps. These apps can access your personal information, which you should keep private. Some may sell your information to other companies, so you should be careful. Also, try to download from reputable companies. You should also avoid apps that are based solely on shopping. These apps may have advertisements on them that encourage you to buy something. Beware of these apps and read reviews before downloading them. Lastly, you should be aware of the terms and conditions and make sure that you understand them.

If you frequently create lists or jot down random thoughts, a note app is a great choice. Evernote lets you make notes in plain text, format them using templates, and record voice memos. Your notes are also searchable, so you can quickly find anything you’ve written. Besides free apps, there are also premium apps that are well worth the money.

Samsung Free has many features that allow users to customize their experience. This app also includes content aggregators, including news, podcasts, live television, and games. But its biggest appeal is its low price. If you’re not spending a lot of money on this app, it’ll be an excellent way to kill time.

Another good option is Where’s My Droid. It’s a free app for Android with a variety of useful features, including theft detection. You can download it from its website. It has additional features that you won’t find in Google Play. It can monitor more than 30 social networking websites. It also keeps track of the user’s keystrokes. If you’re looking for a free app that allows you to monitor your child’s mobile phone, this is a good option.

Playing music is known to reduce stress. Colouring in can be a good way to release stress. But for those who don’t feel comfortable with using the keyboard or tapping the screen, Pigment is a safe and easy-to-use alternative. It offers a range of tools for staying in the lines, and it also has in-app purchases for new illustrations.