Zoosk is an on-line dating service now available in 80 languages and in over 25 countries worldwide. The creators of the business are Shayan Zadeh, a graduate of IT college with a background in financial services, and Alex Mehr, a software engineer with years of experience. In past years, Kelly Steckelberg was the company’s chief executive officer. He stepped down last December to take the top position at Zoosk.

This means that there are now two CEOs of a successful dating sites company. Though it may sound odd that two entrepreneurs would lead one organization, this is in fact the way that most businesses work. This raises the question, “What is Zoosk exactly?” A quick visit site to the site’s home page indicates some of its features:

If you are interested in meeting prospective singles, you can log into zoosk and view a large database of singles from different countries and backgrounds. Each database is separated into categories such as age, occupation, location, religion, and interests. When you view a potential date, you will be asked to complete basic information about yourself so that the system can determine whether you qualify for that particular person. This is called your “profile.” After you have completed this important step, you will be sent a short application so that you can become a member of the site.

Members are sent a daily newsletter. You will receive news and special features such as the “hot lists,” which tracks down the hottest international singles. As you read through the daily dos, don’t be surprised if you come across a few people who seem to have what it takes to meet someone special. However, you should stay focused on finding potential dates, and do not become too attached to anyone you come across.

Once you become a member of zoosk, you can also sign up for their FREE mobile dating app. The app allows you to view other members profiles as well as send them messages, email them, chat, and even browse through pictures. If you have never used a mobile dating app before, you might want to give this one a try. Many experts recommend that you use an online dating app to find a new partner rather than trying to approach random singles at bars or clubs. Many people report that they were able to get more dates by using zoosk instead.

After becoming a member of zoosk and downloading the free mobile app, you will be sent an activation notice. Read the message history and follow the directions. You will need to subscribe for a trial period in order to access the online dating features. If you decide to subscribe for the full year, you will have unlimited access to the service, so you will never miss a single date!

When you choose to upgrade to the premium membership, you will get an email notification in your inbox. This is your final chance to sign up and turn your profile on or off. At this time, you may also want to change your photo setting to one of your photographs. You can also activate two-way text messaging with others on the online dating service. Keep in mind that you will need to provide accurate information, such as your full name, age, location, email address, and contact details in order to send a message or update your status.

If you are looking to find love, zoosk has an innovative, easy-to-use, totally FREE online dating site where you can meet other singles online! Smartpick is currently free for members and offers a free trial. Once you’ve tried the service and find that you are truly interested in finding a date or two, you can join the premium membership and create your very own individual profile for enhanced control. The beauty of online dating sites like Smartpick is that you are able to browse profiles and send messages without ever leaving your home.